Budget Talks

Do you have an idea to make everyday life easier for people in Ontario? Submit your idea. We’ll put final ideas to a public vote and, if chosen, spend up to $5 million to bring up to five ideas to life.

How it works

  • Phase 1

    Idea submission

    open now

    Login or register to submit an idea by midnight on November 3rd to implement a new fund, a pilot, study, event or digital service that could help solve one of the 5 focus areas.

  • Phase 2

    Submission review

    All ideas will be reviewed to ensure they meet the submission criteria, and are within the scope of the Ontario Government to deliver.

  • Phase 3

    Live events

    We will bring together groups of participants from across the Province to learn more about each of the focus areas, discuss the ideas submitted and to put forward a shortlist for public voting. Login or register to opt in to receive Budget Talks news.

  • Phase 4

    Public voting

    Submissions that make it past the review and workshops phases will be posted online where you can vote for the ideas you would like to see implemented.

  • Phase 5


    We’ll announce which ideas received the most votes and will be implemented. You can follow our progress updates throughout the Budget year, using the Budget Talks tracker. opens in a new window

  • Phase 1

    Learn more about the 5 focus areas

    Each focus area has background information to help you better craft your submission. Read more below!

Submit your ideas

Your submission must:

  • not ask for funding for an individual, group, organization, company and/or business
  • be submitted by midnight on November 3rd, 2017
  • be a proposal for a new fund, pilot, study, event or digital service
  • be within the scope of the Ontario Government to deliver
  • help us solve a problem in one of 5 focus areas
  • require a one-time investment of no more than $1 million
  • be finished or able to show progress by spring 2019
  • adhere to Terms of Use for Ontario.caOpens in a new window and the privacy policy for Budget Talks
  • and meet the criteria, outlined in the submission guide

All Ontarians are welcome to participate

Read the submission guide

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