Budget Talks

Thank you for submitting and voting on ideas to make everyday life easier for people in Ontario.


The 3 ideas that received the most votes from the public have been announced in the 2017 Budget. We’ll spend up to $2.6 million bringing these ideas to life. Check back for progress updates throughout the year.

Other finalists

In 2017:

  • 10, 452
    registered participants
  • 404
    ideas submitted
  • 923
    total comments
  • 19,229
    total votes

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How it worked

  • Phase 1 complete

    Phase 1

    Idea submission

    Closed - December 11

    Projects were proposed to implement a pilot, study, event or digital service to help one of 8 focus areas.

  • Phase 2 complete

    Phase 2 opens in a new window

    Project review

    Closed - January 27

    All projects were reviewed to ensure they met the submission criteria, and were within the scope of the Ontario government to deliver.

  • Phase 3 complete

    Phase 3

    Public voting

    Closed - February 23

    Thirteen submissions were selected for the public, to vote on which idea they would like to see implemented. From February 2 to 23, 19,229 votes were cast by 6,774 people.

  • Phase 4


    Ongoing 2017-2018

    Stay tuned for progress updates throughout the year as we fund and implement the 3 ideas that received the most votes.

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