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The problem

Although graduation rates across the province have never been higher, we are looking at more ways to help students succeed, including ways to promote and support student well-being.

This includes students’ physical, cognitive, emotional and social health; as well as their sense of self.

Students need support at all levels, in a positive learning environment, so they:

  • can learn and thrive inside/outside the classroom and online
  • are more likely to succeed at school and later in life, as active, engaged citizens

Education is more than just learning to read and write. It’s about having a safe and inclusive learning environment for students to succeed.

What new ideas or projects could help students develop a positive sense of self, feel engaged in school and learn the tools to deal with challenging situations?

Who we're trying to help

We want to help all students in Ontario’s publicly funded education system, from kindergarten to grade 12.

What we're doing/have done

Mental health supports

We are increasing funding by $6 million over the next three years for School Mental Health ASSIST (opens in a new window), which gives mental health leaders in local school boards access to provincial supports and resources, including mental health coaches.


  • are continuing to fund Kids Help Phone (opens in a new window)
  • have completed 34 pilot projects at colleges and universities to address student mental health needs with a particular focus on:
    • transitioning students
    • Indigenous students
    • students struggling with addictions
  • are enabling every college and university to hire a mental health worker who provides direct service to students
  • are supporting the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health and the Good2Talk (opens in a new window) mental health helpline, which provides direct counseling and referral services 24/7 in English and French
  • are giving an additional $18 million, over the next three years, to colleges and universities across the province to support mental health services

Bullying prevention

Since 2012, we require every school board to:

  • have a bullying prevention and intervention plan in place and to implement that plan
  • provide programs, interventions and other supports for students who have been bullied, witnessed incidents of bullying and who have engaged in bullying 
  • put in place procedures to allow students to report bullying incidents safely and in a way that will minimize the possibility of reprisal
  • conduct school surveys (opens in a new window) to measure perceptions of safety among students, parents and staff and use the surveys to:
    1. make better decisions about how to foster safe and inclusive schools
    2. determine the effectiveness of school programs

Talking to students, families and educators

Over the 2016- 2017 school year, we went out across Ontario to get feedback on student well-being (opens in a new window) and how it is being supported in schools. We spoke to students, families, staff and other key partners to learn more about what’s working and what we need to do better.

We’re using the feedback we received to improve the day to day learning experience at school.

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School model review

My idea is to create different school models according to the needs of the children in the community and taking in consideration the 21st century.

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Created on November 1, 2017 by Mgrondin.

Increase affection towards science

I would like Government of Ontario to introduce a science exhibition or fair program at the middle and high secondary schools students. There would be two categories : junior and senior.

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Created on November 1, 2017 by Pinaki.

Integration of 3Cs (Creativity, Communication & Community) in elementary schools

Encourage healthy mental being of the elementary students towards secondary life: The Integration of 3Cs

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Created on November 3, 2017 by Precy APT.


Fund tutoring programs in schools and community centres in some of the common subjects that elementary students struggle with (ie. math, English).

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Created on October 25, 2017 by Samantha0830.  2 comments

Get rid of EQAO prep

My idea is not to get rid of EQAO testing, but to get rid of the endless preparation that students do for the test. This takes away from the curriculum that should be covered in grades 3 and 6!

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Created on November 1, 2017 by JoeCanada.

Early detection of at risk students through an AI psychometric game & provide timely recommendations

Studies indicate that nearly 37% of students in the age category of K-9 are emotionally at risk due to bullying, peer pressure, typical age transitioning and also parental abuse.

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Created on November 3, 2017 by SelfEmotion.

Assign at least one law enforcement officer to every school in Ontario.

I would increase hiring in the local police forces and assign at least one police officer to every school in Ontario.

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Created on October 28, 2017 by Derrick.  2 comments

Student Advancement

As a parent to a preschooler that is very advanced who is supposed to start kindergarten next year, I would like to see options for advancement for gifted children.

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Created on November 2, 2017 by acblack.

Create an educational, graduated, documentary movie series highlighting life skills

My idea is to create a educational, well-planned, life skills documentary series tool for each grade level that kids can watch weekly or monthly to learn about what resilience is, how to stay optimistic when faced with challenge, self-care and Rig

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Created on November 3, 2017 by JSugar.

Defund religious education

Create one publicly funded school system english/french.

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Created on October 29, 2017 by Terry Hardy.